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Garage Motor Installers Sandton For An Added Peace Of Mind!

Garage Door Installers Sandton also known as Electric Garage Motor Installers Sandton work hand in hand with McPintos Gate Motors Sandton to complete your home security or business access.

Sandton Garage Motor Installation Services

By having Garage Motors Installed in Sandton, you provide convenience and add security for your home or business which will give you an added peace of mind. It is also possible to operate both your Garage Motor and Gate Motor from one remote for more convenience. Garage Door Installers Sandton offer Domestic Garage Motor Installations, Residential Garage Motor Installations. Commercial Garage Motor Installations and Garage Door Motor Installations Sandton. From Sectional Garage Door Motor Installations in Sandton. To Roller Garage Door Motor Installations in Sandton. And Pull Up Garage Door Motor Installations in Sandton. For brands like Centurion Garage Door Installers in Sandton. Gemini Garage Door Installers in Sandton. Digi Door Garage Door Installets in Sandton. DACE Garage Door Installers in Sandton and ET Garage Door Installers in Sandton. Garage Door Installers Sandton also install other security features like Keypads. Sectional Doors. Keyless Entry. Battery Backup.and Wireless Keypads.

Well Known Garage Door Motor Brands Sandton

Garage Door Installers Sandton only use quality well-known Garage Motor brands which are available on the market and that have been on the market for several years. We do this to ensure that repairs, as well as garage motor spares, are available.

Garage Motor Features

Most of the new garage motors make use of code hopping remotes which provides more security than the old-style remotes. Garage Door Installers Sandton also mainly Install Wall Mounted Garage Motors with the option of locking the system. This is primarily needed when you have small children around who like to play with the garage. By having a locking system that switches off the garage motor, you prevent anyone from playing with it as well as adding safety for children. To have an all-effective Garage Motor Installation your garage doors must be in perfect working condition and well greased for the Garage Motor to work more effectively as well as last longer.


McPintos Security and Garage Door Motors Sandton stands behind the brands we supply as well as the services we provide. For this reason all parts and products we supply carry a manufacturer warranty. For a period specified by the manufacturer. All services provided by us carry a 1-year (12-Month) workmanship warranty. What this means for you is should anything go wrong within that period of time. We will repair or replace it at no charge to you, T’s and C’s APPLY. Arfe you an existing client of ours? Have you bought from us? Did you keep your invoice number? To get a copy of your warranty, please complete the form by clicking on the button below.