Gate Motors Sandton

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Sandton Gate Motors

Automate Your Swing Or Sliding Gate in Sandton Call CDS Security The Home Security Experts

Welcome to Gate Motors Sandton information and service page. Before you buy a gate motor you need to consider the following: What kind of gate do you have is it a swing or sliding gate? How heavy is your gate? Under 500kg is considered residential and over 500kg is considered commercial or industrial. How wide is your gate? Do you use your gate more than 10 times a day if yes consider a commercial motor. Lastly and this is more a personal choice what brand are you looking for. All these questions you need to know the answers to before you buy a gate motor. Here are 5 reasons why you should have a Gate Motor in Sandton.

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  • Your Gates Will Always Close.
  • It Helps Keep Your family, Colleges and Pets Safe.
  • Now You Can Open Your Gates From Within Your Car.
  • Increased Privacy No Uninvited Guests. And
  • It Adds Value To Your Property.

Gate Motor Options in Sandton

Gate Motors Sandton services include Gate Motor Installations. Gate Motor Repairs. Gate Motor Troubleshooting. And Supplying Gate Motors. For residential. Commercial and industrial use. Regardless of whether you’ve got swing or sliding gates. Gate Motors Sandton, are approved installers for a variety of gate motor brands. Our qualified and experienced Gate Motor Installers. Install Centurion Gate Motors. Hansa Gate Motors. Nice Hansa Gate Motors. Gemini Gate Motors. ET Gate Motors. And DACE Gate Motors.

Sliding Gate Motors

Sliding Gate Motors Sandton – We supply, install and repair all makes of Sliding Gate Motors in Sandton. When it comes to sliding gates they only consist of a single gate which then follows on a track. Sliding gates need a long and narrow space to slide open and closed. Sliding gates are, found by wide entrances or uphill entrances.

Swing Gate Motors

Swing Gate Motors Sandton – We supply, install and repair all makes of Swing Gate Motors in Sandton. The Swing gates operate using a rotation arm around a fulcrum like a normal door. Swing gates open inwards and so need a specific amount of space to swing open or swing closed.

Sandton Gate Automation Services

Gate Motor Installations

Welcome to Gate Motor Installations in Sandton information and services page. When it comers to our Gate Motor Installations in Sandton we offer the Highest Quality Gate Motors from The Top Leading Brands Available On The Market For Added Peace Of Mind. When it comes to Electric Gate Motor Installations Sandton you need to use a professional Gate Automation company. Even though the process of installing a gate opener may appear simple, there are many factors you need to take into consideration when installing a gate motor. Sandton Gate Motor Installations are approved installers for various gate opener brands.

Gate Motor Repairs

When it comes to Gate Motor Repairs in Sandton: The expected lifespan of a gate motor is between 5 to 10 years and even longer. But this depends on a range of factors like how well the motor was, maintained. How many times it used and how well was it installed. Within that period of time you can expect to replace at least two working parts. Usually the battery or control board. When it comes to Electric Gate Motor Repairs, we’re the best because we’ve been doing this for the past 20 years. Whether you need Swing Gate Motor Repairs or Sliding Gate Motor Repairs. Our certified techs have years of experience.

Gate Motor Maintenance

Welcome to Gate Motor Maintenance in Sandton information services page. Gate Motor Maintenance Sandton will save you money at the end of the day and can extend the lifespan of your motor. Regular Automatic Gate Motor Maintenance in Sandton will also find potential issues. Before they turn into an expensive problem. Think about this scenario for a moment. A residential gate opener can open and close up to 6 times a day. Commercial gate openers can open and close up to 200 times a day. That’s about 2190 times per year for residential gate openers. And 73000 commercial gate openers per year. That’s a whole lot of wear and tear.

Gate Motors For Sale in Sandton