Gate Motor Maintenance Sandton

Sandton Gate Motor Maintenance

Gate Motor Maintenance Sandton will save you money at the end of the day and can extend the lifespan of your gate motor. Regular Automatic Gate Motor Maintenance in Sandton will also find potential issues. Before they turn into an expensive problem. Think about this scenario for a moment. A residential gate opener can open and close up to 6 times a day. Commercial gate openers can open and close up to 200 times a day. That’s about 2190 times per year for residential gate openers. And 73000 commercial gate openers per year. That’s a whole lot of wear and tear. So regardless of the size, you need to have a regular Electric Gate Motor Maintenance in Sandton done every year.

Keep Your Gate Motor In Tip-Top Condition With Gate Motor Maintenance From CDS Security

At Gate Motors Sandton, we provide a regular Gate Opener Maintenance in Sandton. To hundreds of customers every year, and we have saved many customers. From having to replace their electric gate opener. See out our customer testimonials for more information. Many customers think that their gate motor does not need maintenance. Because it works, but this is a misconception. We recommend that your residential gate motor get serviced at least once a year. And up to four times a year for commercial gate motors. Sandton Gate Motor Maintenance is cost-effective and can save you a lot of money in the long run. There are even maintenance tasks you can do yourself to prevent damage. Extending the life of your gate motor and save you money.

You have heard the saying before. “Prevention is better than cure.” So talk to us about a Gate Motor Maintenance In Sandton plan that suits you. It will save you money. And it ensures that your gate motor is always in pristine condition. Especially when it’s needed most. On a rainy day, for example. Our gate motor maintenance plans are cost-effective and offer many benefits. You may also like to visit our Gate Motors Sandton page for general information, Gate Motor Repairs Sandton if your gate motor is in need of repair. Or Gate Motor Installations Sandton if you are in the market for a new gate motor.

Do-It-Yourself Gate Motor Maintenance in Sandton

  • Sweep the tracks daily if you have to. Remove rocks and sand that make the gate motor work harder when opening or closing.
  • Make sure the gate motor stopper, which keeps the gate from rolling away, is in place.
  • Make sure the steel rack is tight and not loose.
  • The gate must not slam shut when closing.
  • Lift the gate operator cover and make sure that no insects have nested on the circuit board.
  • Do not over-oil the hinges and wheels of the gate. Because this will create a sandy paste that will do more harm than good to your gate motor.
  • Automatic Gate Motor Maintenance Checks.

Generally, we do the following checks during maintenance. Test the electrical components to make sure they are working. And that they are not over or under powered. We also make sure the gate motor stops without slamming too hard or closing too short. Check all the parts to make sure they do not need replacing and that they are all in working order. Also completely clean the gate motor and make sure there are no insects nesting on the circuit board. Test the gate wheels to make sure they do not need oiling. And we clean the area around the gate motor to make sure it is. These are a few of the many tasks we perform during a Gate Motor Maintenance check up.