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Welcome to our Hansa Gate Automation Sandton page. Here at McPintos Gate Motors Sandton we specialize in Hansa Gate Automation in Sandton this includes providing services like Hansa Gate Motor Installations in Sandton, Hansa Gate Motor Repairs in Sandton and Refurbished Hansa Gate Motors in Sandton. Hansa is part of the ET Nice For You group and came out with 2 types of gate motors which is the Hansa Speedo Sliding Gate Motor for sliding gates. And the Hansa Elite Swing Gate Motor for swing gates.

DID YOU KNOW: The Hansa SPEEDO gate motor was one of the first gate motors in South Africa that made it easy to open and close a sliding driveway gates. In South Africa, crime is high and automated gates make life easier. In todays tough times where money is tight it’s not always easy to just buy a new gate motor. That’s why Hansa Gate Automation Sandton specialize in Hansa Gate Motor Refurbishment where we make your old Hansa Motor as good as new again. Or we can exchange your old Hansa Motor with a Reconned Hansa Gate Motor.

Hansa WarrantyHansa Reconned Gate Motor Warranty

Every Reconditioned Hansa Speedo Sliding Gate Motor in Sandton and Reconditioned Hansa Elite Swing Gate Motor in Sandton bought from us. Carries a one year warranty. What this means is should anything go wrong in that period. We will come out and repair or replace your Refurbished Hansa Speedo Sliding Gate Motor in Sandton. Or Refurbished Hansa Elite Swing Gate Motor in Sandton. At no extra cost to you!

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    Hansa Gate Automation Sandton Provide Hansa Gate Motor Repairs in Sandton as well as Reconditioned Hansa Gate Motors in Sandton and Refurbished Hansa Gate Motors in Sandton. Give Us A Call To Take Advantage Of Our Amazing Options! 084-594-1122

    Types of Hansa Gate Motors in Sandton

    When it comes to Hansa Gate Automation Sandton as previously mentioned you get the Hansa Speedo for Sliding Gate Automation and you get the Hansa Elite for automating swing gates. Provided below is detailed information about each motor.


    Hansa Speedo Sliding Gate Motor Sandton

    The Hansa Speedo has a electromechanical gear that works with electricity. It comes with a PC board and a radio receiver connector. Electricity is used to power the motor. If there is a power outage or load shedding, which is common in South Africa right now, the Hansa SPEEDO will still be able to work because of the battery back-up system. This feature keeps you safe and secure while still letting you get into your house without getting out of your car.

    The number of operations that can be done with the battery backup depends on a number of things, such as the condition of the batteries, the weight of the gate, the quality of the installation, and the temperature outside. If the power goes out for a long time, the motor can be turned off and the gate can be opened and closed by hand.

    Speedo Features

    The Standard Speedo can push up to 800 kg and the Heavy Duty Speedo can push up to 1200 kg. The motor power of both is 24V. The Standard Speedo moves at 19 m/min with no load, while the Heavy Duty motor moves at 21 m/min. The control unit must be powered by a 3 x 2.5mm square cable. If the power cable is longer than 20m, a larger cable is needed, and the area around the automation must be earthed for safety. Use a SWA, a Norsk, or a Twin and Earth cable for power.


    Hansa Elite Swing Gate Motor Sandton

    The Hansa Elite Swing Gate Motor is Manufactured in South Africa. The Elite features a robust bronze gear that increases its durability, a steel housing that increases its strength, and a battery back-up system that operates at 24 Vdc. This guarantees that the operation will continue even if there is a power loss or load shedding. The power pack makes it possible for the Elite to maintain intensive operation and makes it suited for automating access points with a high traffic volume

    Because of its intelligent controller, the Elite is incredibly simple to program, and its setup and troubleshooting procedures have been greatly streamlined. It can handle swing gates with leaves that are up to 3 meters long and weigh up to 600 kilograms, as well as gates that are up to 5 meters long and weigh up to 350 kilograms.

    Elite Features

    The Elite Swing Gate Motor features soft start, soft stop facility. LED array and display for indication of gate motor status and for easy trouble shooting and fault finding. General purpose relay conveniently allows clients to switch any auxiliary device. The A.S.A.P. mode ensures fast gat auto-closure. Obstruction detection increases safety whilst the gate is operational. Battery back-up. Loop detector facility. Lip function and optional plug-in receiver.

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